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The DCUO Book is a website dedicated the game DC Universe Online. The site is updated regularly by it's four main editors Dragonfyre, Ezekiel, Drift Hazard and Statman, who are assisted by great people like Rockfall and scathed. Feel free to interact with the editors and the friendly DCUO Book community via our forums.

On this website you will find:
Instance guides to the Challenges, Duos, Raids, Alerts and Raids, plus other forms of content.
Information on all roles including Tank, Healer, Controller and Damage Dealers.
Detailed knowledge of every powerset - Fire, Ice, Earth, Nature, Sorcery, Electricity, Celestial, Gadgets, Mental, Light, Quantum, Celestial and Rage.
General information on Player versus Player (PvP) - Legends and Arenas.
Breakdowns of gear, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, DLC gear and PvP gear.

All brought to you by players of the game who want to share their knowledge and information to other players and help them to become better Controllers, Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealers. Using the combined knowledge of theDCUObook community, as well as the DCUO community at large, players will gain an understanding of every powerset, role and instance from the Batcave Outer Caverns to the Black Dawn Operation. But not only that, every Alert like the Ace Chemicals, Area 51 and STAR Labs.

Unlike most sites, we won't just concentrate on the highest level of the end game content, we will also detail how to get through challenges from Tier 1 to Tier 3, as well as the Duos. Many of these pages may still require content and are a work in progress. If the information you seek is not on any of any of the pages, please feel free to visit our forums and ask the question to the general users of the website.

Feel free to repost all of some of this site but plase provide a link to the site on your repost. A lot of work has gone into the site and supporting this website with a simple link ensures its future.

For a quick link to the best DCUO Character Planner (built by Conqueror on the EuPS3 server) on the internet, click here.

Who's Who on the Site?


Co-Creator and Technical Engineer.
Real Name: Unknown
Main Role: Fire Tank

Dragonfyre is one of the co-creators of theDCUObook and without him the site would not be have been possible. He handles a lot of the technical computer-related stuff that Ezekiel doesn't understand. Since creating the site, he gradually became unhappy with the broader community's negative attitude and has retired from playing DCUO. In his hayday, Dragonfyre was notorius on the EUPS3 server for his unique fire tanking play-style, which largely involved him using Dance emotes while everyone else died. Although he hung up his superhero cape long ago, his legacy lives on and it is still uncertain if he ever actually existed or if he was merely a legend.


Co-Creator and Guide Writer
Real Name: Brian Luhr
Main Role: Celestial Healer

Ezekiel is the other co-creator of theDCUObook, a site he helped create with Dragonfyre in order to guide people in discovering their own playstyle, rather than just trying to adhere to the artificial mold dictated by the broader community. Although he was a Nature Healer on the EUPS3 server since launch, his true calling was realised when DLC 8 bought the Celestial powerset to the table. While not a comic book fan, Ezekiel loves the mechanics of the game and finds sick pleasure in spending hours going through combat logs. Seriously. He's weird.


Instance guide writer, forum mod and all-round nice guy
Real name: N/A
Main role: Undecided

Statman is a nosy fella, and has to have a part of everything; theDCUObook being no exception. While his main was an Ice Tank from early days of the game, he has since strayed from Ice; and Tanking, and now is a Gadgets DPS while he figures out exactly what he wants to do; he does enjoy Nature Healing however. He likes to collect roles in his league; originally it was Controllers and now seemingly Tanks, either by luck, or so that he never has to play those roles again.

Drift Hazard

Real Name: Benji
Main Role: Earth Damage

One of the first forum members who may have had too much time to spare, Drift spends his time creating and understanding various builds and loadouts to the best he can to prove that every powerset is viable, even when faced with opposition by the majority. As such, he has knowledge over in-game mechanics and workings and is willing to lend people a hand or join in for discussion amongst his peers. He's also secretly a True Neutral disguised as a hero/villain.



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